Introduction: Addiction is a Disease

Above all, this web site's overriding mission is to help everyone understand that…

  1. Addiction is a disease.
    • It's NOT a lack of moral courage…
    • It's NOT a lack of will power…
    • It's NOT anyone's fault…
    • It's a disease… and it's treatable.
  2. Treatment works if one stays engaged.
  3. The more knowledge one has about the disease…
    • the more one takes control of recovery…
    • the more likely recovery is successful.

Addiction is a Disease

"Attitude is the paintbrush of life. It colors every situation."

This site has a very specific point of view. It's based on a careful interpretation of substantial cutting-edge scientific research and many years of hands-on practice. It represents the thinking of a wide range of medical and addiction professionals…

Addiction is a chronic, progressive, primary disease of the brain that stems from an altered brain chemistry.

  • If left untreated or mistreated, this disease can and will result in death.
  • It is a disease characterized by denial and relapse.
  • It is manifested by repetitive, compulsive use of substances (drugs, alcohol, food) or activities (sex, gambling) despite adverse consequences.
  • It has strong genetic components.
  • It cannot be cured and requires lifelong treatment.

The two primary causes of relapse are:

  • the inability to develop intimate relationships
  • the inability to manage pain in recovery

The more knowledgeable one is about the disease, the better the ability to avoid relapse.

Staying engaged in treatment dramatically decreases the likelihood of relapse.

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