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1851 – 1900

Five blocks west of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, a twin version of the mental hospital is opened at 49th and Market Streets. The original campus becomes The Department for Females, and the newer campus is The Department for Males.

Pennsylvania Hospital's surgical expertise brings 124 casualties to its wards for special treatment during the Civil War. As in the American Revolution, the hospital experiences the severe economic consequences of war which leave most of the city's leading charitable institutions inadequately funded.

The hospital's first training program for nurses is proposed and developed. A formal one year course of instruction is offered and includes students from the Women's Hospital of Philadelphia from 1879 to 1882. In 1883, an independent school is established and the first class of four students is graduated in 1884. Three 1885 graduates achieve a first - they are assigned to the Men's Medical Ward. Because of the outstanding work of these three, hereafter trained women nurses are employed on all medical wards, male and female. The class of 1893 is the first to receive class pins, the design of which incorporates the seal of the Good Samaritan.

Close to 300 soldiers are admitted to the hospital, wounded in the Spanish American War. Some of them are transported from distant ports of entry on special Red Cross trains manned by Pennsylvania Hospital staff.

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