Simulation Center

COVID Guidelines

Guidelines for Infectious Disease Prevention
at Penn Medicine Simulation Center

For the safety of our instructors, learners and staff we have adopted the following guidelines in compliance with the CDC, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse.

  1. Please confirm the number of participants and instructors attending your course at least 1 week prior to assure you have been assigned adequate space for social distancing of 6 feet.
  2. Consider transitioning lectures to a virtual format using your favorite virtual platform. We are more likely to have the space to accommodate your request for small group skill and simulation training only. If available, our conference rooms can accommodate up to 10 for didactic education. Reference this resource for virtual teaching best practices.
  3. Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse (PM@R) is a patient care facility.  As such they are conducting thermal screening for all visitors. Anyone who is feeling ill should remain home. Please enter the building using the Lombard Street entrance. Visitors should provide their own facial masks and wear them at all times when in the facility.
  4. Remind learners of social distancing guidelines; abide by the maximum number of permitted occupants posted for each room and maintain a social distance of 6 feet.
  5. For large learner group consider staggering arrival times to prevent groups from entering the facility and/or Center at the same time. Course start times may need to be adjusted to avoid peak thermal screening hours.
  6. Direct your learners to their assigned room as soon as they arrive. For safety reasons, groups cannot congregate in the hallway or elevator lobby.
  7. If you need additional rooms other than those assigned to you, please ask a staff for assistance.   Rooms that appear unoccupied may be scheduled, prepared and cleaned for use by another group. All participants and faculty are restricted to sim center, cafeteria, and bathrooms only.
  8. If you need additional supplies or equipment, please ask a staff for assistance. This helps us to maintain our supply inventory, ensure appropriate cleaning and promote social distancing throughout the Center.
  9. If possible, eliminate the need for meals to be taken in the Center.  External catering is not permitted at this time.  Learners and faculty should provide their own food or be prepared to order from the PM@R Cafe as they are asked to remain within the facility for the duration of their training event.
  10. Stagger class breaks in order to avoid restroom lines. There are 6 restrooms in the Center which will accommodate 1 person at a time.