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2009 Penn Medicine CEQI Awards: Sim Center Awarded Honorable Mention Simulation Based Procedural Training for 2009 Medicine and Surgical Interns:
Disparate clinical procedural experience among the incoming interns is a persistent problem in the health system. Newly-graduated physicians are asked to perform a variety of invasive procedures once they begin their internship; however, there is no standardized method to teach them how to perform any procedure. In addition, the common practice in the past was to learn how to perform procedures on live patients, creating an awkward learning environment for the physician and a potentially unsafe environment for the patients. Our goal was to standardize the initial procedural training each Medicine and Surgical intern receives through the use of simulation, removing education from the front lines of patient care.

Ralph W. Muller - Chief Executive Officer - Announcement of Simulation Center - November 1, 2007

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