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Section II. Series V - Artifacts, c. 1850-1989 + [n.d.]

Series V has been divided into two subseries:

Subseries A: Institutional, 1887-1981, [n.d.]
This subseries contains artifacts that range from a glass syringe to parts of a machine used for conducting Electro-Convulsive Therapy. These objects were in general use in the Institute, and are not associated with a particular physician.

Subseries B: Physicians' Personal Effects, c. 1850-1950s, [n.d.]
This subseries contains items that belonged to physicians at the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital. Artifacts of Drs. Bond, Chapin, Copp, Kirkbride, and Strecker are represented in this subseries.

See also the Pennsylvania Hospital Artifact Collection for additional and related items.

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