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Section I, Series 5. Patients, 1752-1967.

State law 50 P.S. 7111 prohibits the use of all patient mental health records.

The Pennsylvania Hospital Historic Collections is currently revising it’s patient record access policy for all medical patient records held in the Archives. As of right now, ALL patient records are closed to the public. Our new policy will be posted here as soon as possible. We truly regret the inconvenience this causes. All non-patient related material is closed for 75 years from its creation. Certain restrictions might still apply on specific records.

Book of Patients, 1781 - 1788, 1791 - 1796, in two volumes. Brief summary of admissions, including discharge date.

Admission forms, roughly sorted by year, 1752 - 1856.

Admissions and Discharges, 1804 - 1927, in 44 volumes. Daily lists of patients in both categories, chronological and concurrent. Admission data, 1864-1825, include name, diagnosis, security, pay or poor patient, but not discharge date. In 1825, country of origin was added, and in 1829, occupation, age, ethnicity, and marital status. Discharge data, 1804-1852, include name, result of treatment, and whether the patient was paying or poor. Beginning 1853, discharge date is added to admission information, to provide complete case history in each entry. Prior to 1804, most of this admission and discharge data is available from the Managers' Minutes and the Annual Accounts.

Brief summary of each admission, April 27, 1811 - Dec, 31, 1852, in 2 volumes. Data include only name, serial number, diagnosis, result of treatment, discharge date, pay or poor patient; entries arranged chronologically by date of admission, From 1811 - 1834, an Abstract of Cases is added at the end of April in each year. Discharges go through 1853.

Patients' Treatments and Results, 1872 - 1873, in two volumes. Admission data of each patient, diagnosis, brief history, summary of treatments and results.

Alphabetical listing of patients in Hospital, circa 1816 - 1926, in 17 volumes. In each volume, all names beginning with same initial are grouped together but kept in admission order. Each group begins with names of patients admitted earlier but remaining in Hospital or discharged during period covered by volumes. Formats vary somewhat: e.g., some include diagnosis and discharge date, while others include only admission date.

Admissions Book, 1882 - 1884. Patients listed chronologically by admission number. Data include name, age, date, occupation, birthplace, diagnosis, and physician's progress notes.

Pennsylvania Hospital, Record of Patients, Dec. 1947- Aug. 1948. Lists admission and discharge dates, ward number, home address.

Admissions and Discharges, 1922 - 1924, Number of patients admitted and discharged each day, and totals--i.e, a census book.

Receiving Ward admissions. Index, 1898 - 1930, 1933 - 1937, in 16 volumes.

Alphabetical List of admissions and discharges.

Hospital for the Insane, 1841 - 1860, At end: List of persons employed, 1846 - (1848). Institute of Penna. Hospital.

Pennsylvania Hospital. Patient accounts and receipts, 1915 - 1920, thumb-indexed, five volumes.

Pennsylvania Hospital. Receipts, 1915 - 1921. One volume.

Patients' Bills, 1912 - 1917, in two volumes.

Patients' Expenses, 1921 - 1923, 1930 - 1935, in three volumes.

Patient Ledger Book, June 1922 - Sept. 1923. Lists all charges for each patient.

Account Book, 1912 - 1918. Patient accounts.

Accounting--Patient Charges and Payments (Debit and Credit) Records, 1916 - 1917.

Accounts of Collector of the Port and Agent for Marine Hospital, for care of U.S. seamen, 1818 - 1897, in five volumes. For earlier records, see Steward's Ledgers, Series 3, and admission forms, 1800 - 1809.

Admissions for U.S. seamen, 1800 - 1809, rough-sorted by year, in four boxes.

Accounts of pay patients, 1752 in one volume.

Accounts of House of Employment and Overseers of the Poor with Hospital, 1784 - 1789, in one volume. With miscellaneous loose papers concerned mainly with suit of Hospital against House of Employment, 1789 - 1791.

Immigration Bureau. Record of Immigrants sent to Pennsylvania Hospital, 1909 - 1910, in one volume.

Report of the Officer of Hygiene, Dr. Frank Woodberry, 1874 - 1875, in one volume.

Clothing Book, May 1, 1813 - Feb. 26, 1829, in one volume.

Bills and receipts for clothing for patients, ca. 1800 - 1825, not arranged, in two boxes.

Deposit Book, 1891 - 1908, 1915 - 1918, in 8 volumes. Records of patients' belongings deposited upon their entrance to the Hospital. -- Not Filmed

Patients' Articles, 1931 - 1934, in three volumes. Articles received by patients by mail or delivery.

Scrapbook of Mortality tables and related material compiled by Thomas C. James, including Philadelphia tables from 1807 to 1837, in two volumes.

The two volumes are duplicates, but with some varying inserted information. Inserted information includes unique items of assorted statistical data, including cities other than Philadelphia, for example, Statistical Chart, London, 1701 - 1776.

Autopsy Records, Oct. 3, 1853 - Sept, 10, 1861, in one volume. At end: extracts from texts or lectures on bandages, salivation, aneurysm and German synonyms.

Collection of cases, ca. 1803 - 1834 in two volumes ("Hospital Cases").

Record of Accidents, 1852 - 1854, 1866 - 1883 in three volumes, For later records, see Casualty Books.

Casualty Books, 1884 - 1942, 1953 - 1957, 1959 - 1960, 1962 - 1963, in 98 volumes. (Later records available.) Men separated from women and children through 1898, combined thereafter.

Ambulance Records, 1877 - 1881, 1884 - 1928, in six volumes.

Out-Patients attended and supplied from the Dispensary of the Hospital, April 1797 - April 1817, in one volume. With annual abstracts.

Out-Patient Department (OPD), Medical Case Books, 1872 - 1883, in eleven volumes

Out-Patient Department. Surgical Registers, 1869 - 1875, 1878 - 1881, in six volumes.

Fracture Books, 1854 - 1872, in 2 volumes.

Record of Operations, 1866 - 1873, 1883 - 1967, (43 volumes in all). From 1866 --1954 (except for the period 1873 - 1883), there is one record of operations including all surgical services combined, in chronological order (34 volumes), From 1955 to 1965, the records for different services are separated (general, ENT, oral, etc.); there are seven volumes for this period. Then, in 1966, the records for all services are again combined; two volumes cover the period 1966 -1967.

Record of Operations (all services), 1866 - 1873,1883 - 1954, in 34 volumes. (New format adopted in Jan. 1923.)

Record of Operations (general surgery), 1955 - 1959, in one volume.

Record of Operations (oral surgery), 1955 - 1965, in 2 volumes.

Record of Operations (eye, block, and lipiodal), 1955 - 1965, in one volume.

Record of Operations (orthopedics and fractures), 1955 - 1965, in one volume.

Record of Operations (ENT Service), 1955 - 1965, in one volume.

Record of Operations (gynecology), 1964 - 1965, in one volume.

Record of Operations (all services), Jan. 1966 - Oct 1966, in one volume thumb-indexed by surgical service.

Record of Operations (all services), Nov. 1966 - Dec. 1967, in one volume.

Lower Surgical Ward. Index, 1893 - 1896 in one volume.

Operation books, ca. 1896 - 1923. Ten volumes in all, with three different formats.

Statistical Summary of Operations, 1925 - 1926, in one volume.

Statistics of patients, cases, and diseases. Ledgers. In one box. Including:

  • Abstract of the cases, 4 mo. 27, 1878.
  • Statistics of the Pennsylvania Hospital, 4 mo. 26, 1879.
  • Statistics of the Pennsylvania Hospital, Department of the Sick. 4 mo. 28, 1888.
  • Abstract of the cases of patients treated in the Pennsylvania Hospital, in the year ending 4 mo. 28, 1888.
  • Report of Major Operations performed on patients remaining in house, tabulated by Dr. Frederick A. Packard. Not dated.
  • Undated statistics.

Case Histories, 1873 - 1927, in 254 volumes. Binder's title: Pennsylvania Hospital Reports. Detailed patient charts bound together in order of admission, with some irregularities. Early volumes include index to diseases, bound in front.

Record of x-ray cases, 1897-1898, in one volume.

Patient case records, ca. 1930 - 1950. Approximately 520 rolls of negative microfilm. stored MED REC M-1 - M-320, in six cartons. 370 - ca. 569 Positive films were cut up and filed alphabetically by patient's name with the Medical Records Office. Includes maternity cases. Patient records are by medical record # and are interfiled with other records. Difficult to pinpoint.

Maternity Department. Roll Books, 1930 - 1933, in four volumes. Combined records for Philadelphia Lying-In Charity and Maternity Hospital patients and staff.

Maternity Department. Patient Charts, ca. 1930 - 1932.

Maternity Department. Delivery Books, 1952 -1960, in 9 volumes.

Obstetrics-Gynecology. Surgical Records, 1951 - 1960, in 8 volumes.

Miscellaneous general material, loose papers ca. 1752 - 1858: rules for admission, care of lunatics, lists of out-patients, correspondence about care of U. S. seamen. These papers include Benjamin Rush's letter (1810) to the Managers regarding care of insane patients, as well as an admission from signed by Rush. In one box, in chronological order except for interment orders and security forms for patients, filed at end.

Miscellaneous papers relating to individual patients (except for admission forms), ca.1763 - 1860, in 4 boxes. Arranged alphabetically by patient's last name and prefaced by typed list of these names.

General material, ca. 1759 - 1840: on individual patients, bills for shaving patients, interment orders, bills for making of coffins, Almshouse correspondence, in one box.

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